Ansys Motion Introduction


Ansys Motion 是Ansys 和韩国软件公司Virtual Motion Inc合作的一款多体动力学软件,该软件在韩国及日本市场有着非常丰富的实际应用案例。本次演讲主要介绍Ansys Motion多体动力学软件,包括最新版本软件的特色功能,各行业应用案例介绍。




是Ansys Motion软件的技术研发总监,及公司创始人。同时也是韩国汉阳大学机械工程系的教授。

1987-1988. University of Iowa(USA), Post Doctor, Mechanical Engineering
1988-1991. University of Kansas Lawrence(USA), Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
1992-Present University of Hanyang, Professor, Mechanical engineering.
2006 : Found a VirtualMotion and develop an Ansys Motion

1. AM - MultiBody dynamics_F (Open)
2. Application for Automotive, ANSYS Motion CAR (Open)
3. Application for NVH analysis, Drivetrain & Gearbox design (Open)
4. Applications for Defense & Heavy industry (Open)
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